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Work in Progress Report – Archive Function

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MIS has updated the Work in Progress (WIP) report to include an “Archive” tab. Effective December 23, 2016, MISDirect users will have the ability to move orders that they no longer need to see into an archive for future reference. This enhancement will further streamline the report so that only orders that the user actively needs to track are shown.

For a demonstration on how to use the WIP or the archive feature, contact your MIS account representative directly or the Sales Department (, 888-901-4647 ext 1222).

MIS Integrates Title/Settlement Fees with Encompass360

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CLEVELAND, OH: In anticipation of the impending changes under the new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules, Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (“MIS”) has successfully integrated its title insurance and settlement fees with Encompass360®, Ellie Mae’s mortgage origination and management system. Encompass360 users who utilize MIS’s services are now able to view all title insurance, settlement and recording fees within the loan at no additional cost, without having to request a quote from an external source.

Additionally, the Encompass360 user will not be required to add information in order for the fees to populate in the loan – they will pull directly from within the loan file and are automatically updated if changes to the loan are made. Once generated, a quote can either be printed as a hard copy or saved in a designated Encompass360 e-folder. Those fees are then uploaded into the 2010 itemization, and eventually the 2015 itemization once TRID becomes effective, to ensure that the proper fees are disclosed to the borrower.

“In today’s lending environment, it is critical that an originator be able to provide accurate costs to potential borrowers early in the loan application process,” says David Stroop, Regional Vice-President for MIS, “and our fee integration with Encompass360 is a comprehensive solution to that end. Our clients can be confident that all of MIS’s title fees and the county recording charges are included in the initial disclosures.”

With this enhancement, users have a complete title environment via Encompass360. Title orders can be placed and tracked electronically within their loan, as well as being able to receive and view title documents. Additional enhancements are in the works, as MIS works with its clients and Ellie Mae to further streamline the title and closing process.

MIS continues to be a leader in technology solutions to improve efficiencies in the title and closing process. “Our integrations with Encompass360 offer clients an easier way to manage the title and closing process, but more importantly offers them the tools that they need to stay compliant with their fee disclosures,” adds Stroop.

Via ReverseMortgage Daily: ReverseVision Streamlines Loan Process Through MIS Title Integration

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MIS was recently featured in an article written by Cassandra Dowell on ReverseMortgageDaily:

In its latest move to make the RV Exchange (RVX) software a one-stop-shop for lenders and brokers, ReverseVision has announced a new integration that will allow clients to order Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (MIS) titles through RVX.

The integration with the company’s Reverse Loan Origination System platform will allow lenders to order MIS titles at the click of a button. MIS, based in Cleveland, Ohio, will receive the request electronically, and as each step of the title process is completed, the loan record in RVX will be automatically updated.

“Being able to now purchase both MIS title and appraisals via RV Exchange is an excellent way for lenders and brokers to streamline their loan process,” says David Stroop, regional vice president at MIS, in a written statement. “We are excited to be able to offer this service to our clients, and continue to work to enhance and improve the client and borrower experience.”

The latest platform update follows the company’s recent integration of CoesterVMS appraisals into its RV Exchange.

The MIS title integration will benefit clients by helping them to improve their workflow, says president and CEO of ReverseVision John Button.

Urban Financial of America already uses the integration feature for appraisal ordering, says Britany Luth, vice president of Urban Financial of America, adding that it has streamlined the company’s appraisal process.

“We look forward to being able to order title work through ReverseVision as well,” Luth says.

MIS Featured in ReverseVision Newsletter

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As seen in this month’s ReverseVision Newsletter found here:

MIS’s title service is now available in ReverseVision Exchange (RVX). Users of ReverseVision now have the ability to order title insurance and loan settlement services through MIS, and can retrieve documents such as the title commitment and policy, executed closing packages and recording notices.

Congrats to Brooks Rutledge in the MIS Appraisal Department

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A big CONGRATULATIONS to Brooks Rutledge in the MIS Appraisal Department for achieving SRA Designation by the Appraisal Institute. This designation is awarded to professionals that are experienced in the analysis and valuation of residential real property, have passed rigorous education requirements and meet all standards of ethics. Less than 1% of appraisers nationwide meet these requirements, and Brooks joins Dave Bortolotto, Bob Soinski and John Kittredge as MIS Appraisal Team members that carry this designation.

Congrats Brooks!

Top AMC, title insurance company digs deeper into reverse space

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by Ryan Smith | Aug 08, 2014
As seen in MPA Magazine

Mortgage Information Services, a top appraisal management and title insurance company, is digging deeper into the reverse space than ever before.

“We’re committed to this space, and we think there are a lot of good things going on there,” said David Stroop, MIS regional vice president. “It’s had a bad reputation – the mainstream media likes to color it a certain way – but the leaders in the industry are trying to highlight the advantages of this product.”

The company recently made it easier for LOs using its software to originate HECM reverse mortgages.

“We’ve recently enhanced our title fee quote calculator to include HECM rates. We’ve been in the space for as long as we’ve been in business, but we really recommitted to it a couple of years ago,” Stroop said. “A year and a half ago, we released our online fee quote generator to generate preliminary HUDs, show title insurance fees, title and escrow fees and recording fees. But because HECM rates tend to be different in many states, we couldn’t quote reverse rates through the online calculator. So we released an enhancement with the HECM rates. We’re really happy with what we put out there.”

Mortgage Information Services is also integrating its services with ReverseVision, the premier reverse mortgage software provider.

“We integrated our appraisal services with their software last year. We were actually the first AMC to do that. And we’re in the process of integrating out title software as well,” Stroop said. “That’s an exciting little jump in that space. In the forward space, you see a lot of that, software integrated with a dozen different LOS’s in the forward space. But it was sort of new ground for the reverse industry, and we’re happy to move that needle forward a little.”

Originators using MIS for their reverse business will find that the integration makes the process more efficient, Stroop said.

“It makes it easier for the user,” he said. “It streamlines the title-ordering and closing escrow process. You don’t have to go to a different website for that order. You don’t have to fax in or phone in or email in an order. It takes that information directly from the LOS, and the user literally hits a button. It sends that to us, and we deliver the order back through the system. There’s no need to go to our website to pull off the supporting documents, no need to even receive an email with the information. It’s sent directly back into the LOS. All that information is available on our website all the time too, but this reduces the amount of effort needed to go out and get the info.”

MIS @ MBA Florida Convention

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Mortgage Information Services, Inc. was recognized as a top Appraisal Management Company at the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida’s 61st Annual Convention on June 19th in Delray Beach, FL. Our Chief Appraiser, Dave Bortolotto, SRA (far right), presented alongside fellow industry leaders in a Q and A session answering questions submitted by the Mortgage Bankers. The Session was also moderated by Robert Villalon (center podium), our Sales Executive for the Florida Market. Those in attendance walked away with an abundance of new insight and knowledge.

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Robert Villalon Inducted As President For MBA Of South Florida

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Mortgage Information Services, Inc. congratulates our Florida Sales Executive Robert Villalon (far right) on his recent appointment as President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of South Florida for the 2014/2015 term. With this position, he is also appointed to the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida Board of Directors as a local chapter representative.

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Mortgage Information Services, Inc. Integrates Title & Valuation Services with Ellie Mae’s Encompass360

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Cleveland, OH – Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (“MIS”), a nationwide provider of title insurance, loan settlement and valuations, has successfully integrated its full line of products and services into Encompass360®, Ellie Mae’s mortgage origination and management system.  Users of Encompass360 can now take advantage of MIS’s one-stop shop for real estate information without having to move to an external website or submit the order request via phone, fax or email.

Title insurance commitments and policies, curative documents such as loan payoffs and subordination agreements, HUD settlement statements and appraisal reports will all be delivered from MIS directly into Encompass360, while providing step-by-step tracking updates throughout the order cycle.  The streamlined process will also give Encompass360 users the ability to securely upload pertinent documents, including real estate contracts and authorization forms, to MIS’s internal management system, ProductionLink®.

In order to take advantage of the integration, Encompass360 users will need only an account with MIS, and a username and password to input into their normal interface the first time a title or valuation request is submitted.  Status updates are shown in real-time, assuring that the user has the most current information available, and all documents are able to be stored electronically within Encompass360 for easy access and review.

Since its inception, MIS has been an innovative user of technology and was the first real estate financial services firm to fully adopt back office production systems and internet based communication methods for customer interfaces.  “One of our primary goals has always been to forge partnerships that are not only mutually beneficial to MIS and our clients, but are also enhancements to improve the borrower’s overall experience,” said David Stroop, Regional Vice-President at MIS.  “The integration with Encompass360 is the latest example of our commitment to that ideal.”

About MIS, Inc.

MIS has been a leading national provider of real estate information to the mortgage market since 1990 and offers title insurance, settlement services and valuations to loan originators, servicers and mortgage insurance companies.  From its centralized platform, MIS covers the entire country allowing its clients to work with a single point of contact for each of their orders. MIS’s commitment to providing superior customer service is unmatched in the industry, ranking MIS high on both regional and national vendor management scorecards.  MIS can be found online at, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (@MtgInfoServ).  Inquiries can be sent to

ReverseVision Unveils Appraisal Services And ReverseAccessVision (Rav) With 4.0.0 Release

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SAN DIEGO, CA—September 3, 2013—ReverseVision, Inc. ( today released version 4.0.0 of its flagship ReverseVision product. ReverseAccessVision (RAV), a powerful integrated new module, is included in this release. RAV will provide a full library of services tightly integrated into the core ReverseVision originations system. RAV currently includes Interthinx (, a fraud detection service, and new with today’s release, appraisals via Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (MIS –

The appraisal service integration through RAV enables a user to order an appraisal by simply clicking a button. The ReverseAccessVision system manages the order, status and delivery of the appraisal. With each appraisal ordered, the system will automatically enter the order date as soon as the request is submitted successfully.

“The new appraisal service is an incredible time saving feature for our clients and will be a major asset in our already streamlined process of creating reverse mortgage loans,” said Jeff Birdsell, ReverseVision Product Manager.

The system will also enter dates like “Appraisal Scheduled,” “Appraisal Date” and “Appraisal Received,” as well as all the detailed information on the appraiser directly into the ReverseVision system—all of this will be done automatically. ReverseVision has also implemented a new “Appraisal Services” screen containing all of existing ReverseVision appraisal fields as well as many new ones.

“The combination of our appraisal process with ReverseVision’s technology offers a valuable time-saving advantage to users, allowing them to focus on their core tasks rather than on order submission and tracking through a separate process,” said David Stroop, Regional Vice President of MIS.

Using the new integrated appraisal service, a completed order will bring the appraisal document, plus the appraisal invoice, automatically into ReverseVision directly attached to the loan. At the same time the appraisal is attached to the loan, the service will populate most of the fields on a new screen with values from the appraisal. All that is left for the user to do is review the results, saving users valuable time.

John Button, President and CEO of ReverseVision said, “The addition of the appraisal service integration continues to build our library of tightly integrated services, which are now known as ReverseAccessVision. Our customers have made it clear that service integration is a powerful tool for them to streamline the originations process, drive down cycle-time and save cost. We are responding to that need with ReverseAccessVision—a powerful, simple to use, ever expanding library of services.”

About ReverseVision

ReverseVision, Inc. ( is the leading software and technology provider for the reverse mortgage industry offering products and services focused exclusively on reverse mortgages. More reverse mortgages are originated monthly using ReverseVision than all other systems combined. ReverseVision has partnered with some of the finest and fastest growing lending organizations in the US to provide the leading reverse mortgage technology to brokers, correspondents, lenders and investors. ReverseVision is recognized as a driving innovator in the reverse mortgage industry. ReverseVision continues to improve their software with frequent new innovations building on pioneering capabilities in reverse mortgage interactive graphs, scenario analysis, multi-environment performance analysis and workflow in the origination process.

About Mortgage Information Services, Inc.

Mortgage Information Services, Inc. (MIS), a privately held title insurance, loan settlement and appraisal management company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, was founded by Leonard Stein-Sapir and a team of forward-thinking industry professionals in 1990. Since its inception, MIS has been an innovative user of technology and was the first real estate financial services company to fully adopt automated back office production systems and Internet based communication methods for customer interfaces.

MIS has become a leading provider of information to the mortgage market by committing to superior customer service while continuing to meet changing clientele needs. MIS’s clients include some of the nation’s largest national and regional lending institutions, mortgage insurance companies and mortgage servicing companies, as well as originators on a local level such as community banks, credit unions and brokers.

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