Workflow Tools


  • MIS maintains electronic originals of all documents related to your order in perpetuity
  • Documents are indexed and version controlled to be easily accessible
  • You can upload documents, payoffs, etc. to your order to speed title clearing
  • All title clearing documentation is maintained and visible for review
  • Upload and download of documents can be automated for faster title clearing
  • Appraisals and other reports maintained in electronic format that can be accessed at will
  • Your documents are stored in a secure data center with backup and disaster recovery plans so there is no risk of loss

Integrated Vendor Management

  • Database of vendors, appraisers, signers, abstractors, etc., graded by service, quality and service area
  • Speeds assignment of services and ensures high quality
  • Sets follow up reminders to ensure timely completion of open orders

Electronic Recording

  • Electronic recording of mortgage documents utilized wherever available
  • Immediate recording minimizes chances of intervening liens
  • Recording information usually available same day
  • Currently recording approximately 45% of title orders electronically

ProductionLink™ Web Based Workflow Management

  • Ease of access to order information improves speed of order completion
  • Work in progress format provides tracking and status reminders to eliminate delays in processing
  • Provides automated status updates to MIS processors and customers
  • Integrates all functions such as automated pricing and vendor assignment to ensure seamless start to finish processing
  • Allows reassignment of resources on the fly to eliminate processing bottlenecks
  • Allows web access by customers to review work flow

Appraisal Processing Systems

  • MIS appraisal management system, (ACE), tracks assignments, automates “escalation dates” to supervisors, thus expediting the process and completion of appraisals to our customers
  • Electronic review process speeds our quality traditional examination, and final report delivery
  • Automated assignment tools display panel appraiser scorecard results, ensuring proper qualifications
  • Real time appraisal progress monitoring creates transparency and prevents delays
  • Capable of electronically delivering appraisal reports directly to the Correspondent Lender, with a copy to the Mortgage Broker, if requested.
  • XML data file is delivered with required appraisal reports
  • Appraisal reports are securely saved in MIS system for later download.

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